4. FAQ

Who is the Quiver courier?

Quiver's couriers are well-trained employees of Quiver. We understand that our couriers will be associated with your brand and we take this seriously. Neat, tidy, clean and courteous are some of the words that customers associate with Quiver couriers.

How should we communicate these delivery options to our customers?

Up to you! You can alter the text provided at checkout as you wish. A couple of our clients have provided full pages on their site and collections of items dedicated to our delivery (Desmond & Dempsey here) and other have sent out email (Leaf Envy below) or social media communications (Young Goat).

Can we get some client references to understand their experience with Quiver?

Certainly! We'd be happy to provide you with direct contact to some of our clients - please just ask your Quiver contact or email matt@quiver.co.uk and we'll introduce you.

What happens if Quiver is unable to deliver within 1 hour?

If we're unable to deliver your customer's order within their selected time frame, Quiver will provide the customer with a full refund of the delivery fee. Your customer will receive this from us directly.

Does Quiver Fulfilment provide restocking notices / inventory management services?

Yes - you’ll be able to set a minimum inventory level per sku so you’re notified via email if we fall under a certain quantity. You also have access to your personal dashboard at app.quiver.co.uk to see our deliveries and inventory levels in real-time. We have a demo video here that hopefully brings it to life -> https://www.loom.com/share/11aad0dcd9d84fa99f749ef40bf189c9.

Can we add our own branding to your emails and tracking web page?

Yep we can! It's easiest to setup a quick call with your design/marketing team - to show you how this design looks as standard and to discuss the changes we want to make.

What kind of proof of delivery do you provide?

We don’t ever leave deliveries outside the front-door - we don’t pay our couriers per delivery done and so there isn’t the incentive for couriers to leave packages in sub-optimal locations. Because our deliveries are typically completed much closer to the time at which the order took place, we see a much greater first delivery success rate (99%) than other carriers.

We’re primarily solving proof of delivery by reconciling the live GPS positioning of our couriers with the location that’s sent when they select ‘complete’ a delivery - an internal algorithm reconciles these together to make sure they’re consistent and close to the assigned delivery location. We’ve proven this to be successful so far.

We can do a few other things (but we don’t think they’re great solutions) - we can turn them on/off at your request;

  • take photo of delivery made
  • ask for a signature at delivery
  • send a 4 digit code in the Delivery Confirmation email to the customer, and when Quiver arrives, ask the customer to recite the 4 digit code for the courier to input and validate that delivery made. This can also be a QR code that’s scanned.
How do you typically pick & pack and is this cost is included in the delivery fee?

We typically don’t pick and pack orders - usually the products come pre-packed and ready to be delivered to the customer. Packaging requirements are significantly less for Quiver deliveries as the time in transit for products is typically <1 hour.

How can we stop working with Quiver if we want to?

No problem - it's easy. You can uninstall our app from Shopify with two clicks or delete our extension from WooCommerce/Magento. If we have your stock with Quiver Fulfilment, we'll do a final inventory count, let you know and then you just need to organise collection of it. Simple and easy as that. No fees.