Pricing Explained

Quiver aims to align our incentives with you as much as possible and so we only make money when your customers select our delivery options. There's no onboarding fee, no monthly subscription and no long term contracts - you can uninstall Quiver whenever you want.

Quiver's charges are blended - we charge your customer a delivery fee and take a small percentage of the order value from the merchant.

Cost to Customer

Immediate Delivery - £4.99/5

Delivery Window - £4.99/5

Same Day Delivery - £3.99/4

Dawn Delivery - £3.99/4

Next Day Delivery - £2.99/3

Cost to Merchant

Order value <£50 - 4.5%

Order value £50.01<£150 - 2.8%

Order value £150.01+ - 1.8%

For example → if a customer has an order value of £85 and selects Same Day Delivery;

£3.99 + (2.8%*£85) = £3.99 + £2.38 = £6.37.

We recommend starting with this pricing structure for the first 30 days to be able to see Quiver's impact on customer retention conversion rate at checkout and customer acquisition - but we do have the flexibility to try and find the right pricing model for you.

If you're using Quiver Fulfilment and Quiver is storing items on your behalf there is a small £0.25 fee per unit per week that's applied. We typically void this charge for the first load of inventory that we take.

All of these charges are VAT inclusive. We do not charge VAT on top of the figures you see. Quiver's default pricing can always be found at quiver.co.uk/pricing.

How we charge?

If you're using Shopify, our charge is applied on a monthly basis as part of your regular Shopify billing cycle. Quiver sends a receipt on the first of every month that breaks down the previous month's charges.

If you're not using Shopify, when setting up your account in app.quiver.co.uk/profile you'll need to input your account number and sort code to enable us to take a weekly direct debit. This is powered by Stripe and is taken each Monday at 00:01. Quiver sends a receipt that breaks down the previous week's charges every Monday morning.