2. Getting Setup

We aim to make integrating with Quiver as simple as possible - we have apps on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Squarespace as well as a custom API. Below are instructions that explain how these integrations can be completed - click the toggle button for the relevant e-commerce platfom.

Manual account → you can set one up by selecting “Book a Delivery Now” at quiver.co.uk (demo →)
Shopifyapps.shopify.com/quiver → install directly from this link!
WooCommercewordpress.org/plugins/quiver-delivery/ (demo →)
Squarespacehttps://squarespace.quiver.london/auth (demo →)
Wixhttp://wix.to/gR3GRm1 (demo →)

Quiver’s Messaging to your Customers

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